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NotRecommended is a website where you can exchange opinions on various topics with other users. You will find here descriptions which confirm dishonesty, unreliability, slyness and symptoms of incompetence and inefficiency find out more...
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These bylaws define the terms of the provision of electronic services by the Internet portal Notrecommended.co.uk referred to hereinafter as a portal to exchange between the users the information, comments, opinions on determined topics and also rights and duties of the user while using the portal and rights and duties of the administrator as managing company running the portal.
  • Definitions
    • The following notions are understood as follows:
    • Bylaws - Bylaws of NotRecommended.co.uk
    • Portal - internet website www.notrecommended.co.uk
    • Forum - sub-pages of Portal, which allow the User to post subjects and conclude discussions related to a given subject; it is a place to exchange Information, ideas and concepts
    • Administrator - the managing company running the Portal
    • Moderator - User of the Forum, whom the Administrator entitled to manage Information/Posts on the Forum
    • User - an individual, a legal person or an organisation unit which has no legal personality, which has access to the Forum, as well as uses it (ie. registered)
    • Login - an individual name of user granted after registration in Forum to be able to use it
    • Netiquette - is a collection of rules of appropriate conduct in the Internet, in particular, the conduct and use of Forum in compliance with legal provisions, free of any symptoms of crime or any other prohibited act, this also relates to due diligence while using the Forum and the respect of copyrights and personal data of third parties.
  • Use of Forum. Duties and rights of the users.
    • All users have a free of charge access to the Forum, ie. a possibility to overview and become familiar with the content of posts contained there.
    • The use of Forum means starting discussion, exchange of opinions and ideas, by users through placing posts in the Forum.
    • The use of Forum is also free of charge, and it is necessary for the user to register in the Forum by placing the login, opening a user's account and complying with all terms defined by the Administrator.
    • User - registering in Forum the user expresses his consent for the Administrator to collect, process, and use the information for statistical, marketing, promotional and commercial purposes in accordance with the Act on Personal Data Protection.
    • At the same time, the user expresses his consent to get his correspondence (advertising material included) through the intermediary of the portal at the given address.
    • The user declares that all information placed thereby on the forum shall be true and compatible with the actual state and that he has the copyright to this information which makes up artwork as understood by the Act on Copyrights and Related Rights
    • The user is the only person to bear liability, penal and civil included, for the information placed on the forum, and in particular photos, opinions, comments, and endorsements. In the case the information/ comments/ opinions/ statements/photos, placed on the forum by the user breach legal provisions and a third party submits a claim arising therefrom against the administrator, the user shall immediately hold the administrator harmless and cover all damage and costs borne by the administrator, legal services and costs included.
    • It is forbidden for the user to place on the forum the information which could breach the principles of Netiquette or contain viruses or other solutions which could cause damage to the portal.
    • Within the Netiquette, it is also forbidden to place on the forum any obscene and offending information with vulgar language nor is it allowed to place pornographic texts, or else those discriminating because of nationality, religion, race or promoting alcohol, intoxicants or drugs.
    • The User has the right to abandon the use of forum at any time.
  • Administrator's duties and rights.
    • The Administrator shall do its best to ensure the correct operating of the Forum and grant its aid to Users to solve problems related to its functioning.
    • The Administrator shall do its best to guarantee data protection, not to make available the information to third parties except for the cases defined in the legal provisions or in these bylaws.
    • The information given by the User can be used by the Administrator for purposes defined in these bylaws, in particular, email addresses to send advertising and other information as well as marketing messages.
    • The Administrator reserves the right to use the information so as to promote the portal and Forum.
    • The Administrator or Moderator has the right to remove at any moment without stating a reason any posts, their parts, photos included, which were placed on the forum and also the user's account, in particular, when the provisions of these bylaws or the rules of Netiquette have been breached.
    • The Administrator has the right to block the access to the Forum to the users who breach the provisions of these bylaws and the rules of Netiquette.
    • The Administrator reserves the right to divulge the information related to the user at a request of the body authorised if a penal or civil procedure has been started against the user in any connection with his use of the Forum and portal.
    • The Administrator reserves the right to suspend periodically the functioning of the forum or portal with no earlier notification to users nor any reasons therefor stated.
    • The Administrator reserves the right to cease completely making available the forum or portal without stating the reasons.
    • The Administrator reserves the right to emit publicity at any moment and in any place on the portal pages of which also while the user is using the forum.
    • The Administrator bears no liability for the information placed by the user on the forum which has an advertising or promotional nature.
  • Final provisions.
    • The administrator bears no liability for breaks in the use of forum for technical reasons (maintenance, overview, replacement of hardware, etc.) or any other independent on the administrator.
    • These bylaws come into force on the day when they are placed on the portal and they are in force for an unlimited period of time.
    • The Administrator reserves the right to change these bylaws. Changes enter into force at the moment they are published/placed on the portal. Therefore, the user should currently verify their provisions.
    • The Administrator has an exclusive right to interpret these bylaws.
    • Any disputes which could arise at the background of the use of forum or portal shall be settled by the Administrator and in the case, there is no conciliatory termination of the dispute, it shall be examined by the proper court with the venue for the Administrator.
  • The direct contact with the Administrator managing the portal: admin