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The UK's Online Book of Complaints

NotRecommended is a website where you can exchange opinions on various topics with other users. You will find here descriptions which confirm dishonesty, unreliability, slyness and symptoms of incompetence and inefficiency find out more...
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About NotRecommended.co.uk
NotRecommended.co.uk is a new platform for consumers. The service allows you to check what others think on a given subject. Owing to the opinions placed in the service, the people who want, for instance, to make a purchase, can verify if the product which they have selected is not on the list 'not recommended' by the community for various reasons, such as the quality of workmanship or proneness to breakdowns. Those who have already made a purchase which proved to be a failure may warn others against committing the same error, adding their report to illustrate the whole case. The service makes it also possible to dissuade you from taking either a job at workplaces with challenged reputation, or services of companies who do not comply correctly with their duties. In the service, you will also find descriptions of restaurants, pubs, clubs and places which in the opinion of others should not be visited so as to avoid wasting time and money.
Purpose and mission
The main purpose of the service is to create a new standard. Both for the online and traditional purchases. It is a new permanent step on the way of consumers to their purchase after becoming familiar with adverse opinions related to the product. At the time when the loud voices of manufactures who advertise their product need to be mitigated by critics who reliably endorse products, there is a need to have such platforms with reliable information.
Advertising co-operation
Because of its innovativeness, the service needs a support of the media. At this stage of its development, we will be pleased with suggestions of co-operation on principles of mutual support.